Toastmasters Slideshow

For a couple of days, I was busy creating a slideshow that was presented at our Toastmasters Club's 5th Anniversary celebration. I thought it'll be a breeze until I discovered that the Movie Maker software I had had some audio filter issues. At playback, audio would be sometimes on or off. Eventually, I found a workaround, but it was tedious to do.

It was also a challenge to capture the pics that will extract the 5-year history of the club. For one, there was sparse photographs available before I came into the club. I suppose nobody bothers to take pictures back then (before 2007). Of course being the "resident photographer" of the club now, there's so many photos to work on. And I had some difficulty choosing the right photos from the big collection that will fit in a three and half minutes of the music. The selected song was "I'm Alive" by Celine Dion from the soundtrack of the movie "Stuart Little 2".

Anyway, here's the end product of it all. Everybody at the club loved it! So turn your speakers on and enjoy.

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