Field Trip to Villa Escudero and EK

Yesterday was Renz's school's yearly field trip. This year it's at Villa Escudero and Enchanted Kingdom. Tita Gay went with Renz. Most, if not all of the kids had their guardians tagging along. Boarding time at the aircon buses was 6:00am.

First stop of the field trip was at Villa Escudero. Here's the old-style bus the kids boarded to go around the Hacienda.

Trivia on Villa Escudero

Did you know that prior to being a popular tourist spot, Villa Escudero was a working coconut plantation founded in 1872? In 1980 the Escudero family opened the plantation to the general public.

Since then Villa Escudero has developed a worldwide reputation as a focal point to experience Philippine culture and history in a beautiful rural setting.

The main feature of this resort is Labasin Falls, where the guests can enjoy a hearty lunch and rafting through the lake. There is also an in-house museum called the Escudero Family Museum where religious artifacts are showcased as well as Spanish trade items.

Inside the bus with Tita Gay.

A brief swim at the kiddie pool.

Renz enjoys the Labasin falls with the rest of the kids. Lunch was at the falls.

One of the cultural dances at the Coconut Pavilion.

The dancers gave out some bird decors made of leaves. Renz plays with one of them.

Traffic was bad going back because of a stalled tanker. Renz managed to enjoy a couple of rides at EK.

EK had to close at 7PM (wth?) What bad coordination by the school. They didn't even know it closes early that day.

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