How to Get Rid of Tennis Elbow

In a past entry, I mentioned my case of Tennis Elbow or Lateral Epicondylitis. That was in October. I've since used some exercises that have helped alleviate the pain.

Wrist and Forearm Strengthening Exercises

Here are a couple of exercises I found that helped regain the strength in the outside of the forearm. You could use a hammer for both exercises. Or a dumbbell bar with detachable weight plates.

The advantage of using the dumbbell is the ability to increase or decrease the weight by changing plates.

For a dumbbell, empty the dumbbell plates on one end so you can use it as a handle.  Load some plates on the other end.  A starting weight of 1.25 pounds is enough.  You may add more weight as you progress.

For the first exercise, hold the dumbbell so the other end is pointing forward as shown as below:

Without moving your elbow, lift the raise the dumbbell using your wrist action so the dumbbell points directly upwards as shown below.  This is the end position.

For the second exercise, hold the dumbbell so that it's pointing to the side. If you're exercising the right arm, point the dumbbell to the left. Twist your wrist clockwise for a quarter turn to the end position as shown in the previous exercise.

In both exercises, you can intensify the effort without adding more plates by simply extending your arm. You can make this exercise easier on your palms and fingers by adding foam cushion on the threaded parts of the dumbbell bar..

Do the above exercises once a day.

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David Francis said...

Good thing you have some exercise for this kind of pain, My friends told me that pre-exercise helps. Elbow Pain relief

Cecil said...

Just be careful when doing dumbbell exercises when your tennis elbow is still painful. It is safer to initially do few reps at a time. Increase reps when pain starts to improve.