Karen's J-S Prom Night as Senior

This year, Valentine's Day coincides with the Chinese New Year.

And a running greeting joke goes like this:

"Sa mga may date, Happy Valentine's Day. Sa mga wala, Gong Hei Fat Choi na lang!"
(To those with dates, Happy Valentine's Day. To those without, Happy Chinese New Year!)

Anyway, as has been the practice in the years before, the Junior Senior Prom this year was held on February 13. Karen attended this year's JS Prom as a Senior at Muntinlupa Science High School (Munsci).

Last year, Karen joined Che in the JS Prom Night, with Che as Senior. The year before that, Che attended the JS Prom Night as a Junior.

Coincidentally, last year's Junior Senior Prom was held on the same date. And this was on the same day, even - Friday. And this was Friday the 13th!

This Year's Junior Senior Prom Venue

Last year's Prom Night was held at the Ayala Alabang Country Clubhouse. This year's JS Prom was not held at a posh venue though.

Originally planned as venue by the Juniors' parents was Portofino's clubhouse (although I think folks there call it something more grand). It supposedly would have had a "Castle and Fairies" theme sort of an enchanted masquerade ball. WTH!

With time and budgetary constraints, however, everybody settled for the ever reliable Muntinlupa Sports Complex, which was decent enough venue for a Junior Senior Prom, in my own personal opinion.

Here's Karen at home just before she left for the JS Prom. It took quite a while for her to choose what dress to wear for the prom. It's a good thing that evening gowns were not required for this year's Prom Night. The only requirement for the ladies was a cocktail dress.

Same Dress at Prom Night

It's the first reaction everybody had when they saw Karen. "Oh my gosh, you have the same dress as P!". It's the same color and almost the same style.

You'd think one would be horrified to learn that someone else happens to wear the same dress at the Junior Senior Prom?

Well, no, these two quickly decided to pair up for a picture!

No matter, I actually thought that THAT was a excellent choice for a cocktail dress.

Everybody seemed to have a really good time at the JS Prom.

We went to the complex to fetch Karen at 2am. The only snag was when a classmate lost her purse during prom night. We left the complex a bit later than everyone. It was almost 3am when we got home.

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