Walking for Exercise

For many weeks now, my wife and I had a liking for long walks in the morning. After three of our kids have gone to school, we'd lock the front gate and head on to the streets. We pretty much have toured our own subdivision (or village) and have become very familiar with its nook and crannies.

So last week, we ventured out to explore our neighboring subdivisions. These subdivisions are similar to ours. We know a couple of friends who live in these subdivisions but we don't really visit anyone on a regular basis.

The walk is a bit longer since we have to step out of our own village first. But that's okay as our subdivision isn't that big to start with.

The Start of Morning Walks for Exercise

Before we started our morning walks, my main exercise was using the balance stepper. The balance stepper is okay for cardiovascular exercise.

It isn't like a treadmill exercise machine where you walk or run in place. Rather, you do a left and right rocking motion with the legs. you You step on it, turn on some loud music (yeah!) and you're ready to rock and roll.

Of course, done indoors, it's mostly a repetitive monotonous exercise.

Ready for some variety, we then tried evening walks after dinner. The problem though is that after dinner, which is before 8pm, we're just too tired (or too sleepy) to go out and walk along the dimly lit streets.

When my wife and I were affected by the recession and forced to quit our jobs, we had much time in the mornings.

Realizing that we needed some kind of cardiovascular exercise, we joined the neighborhood aerobics sessions near the clubhouse. It isn't free though. We're asked to plunk Php20 as "donation" for the aerobics instructor. The sound system is free and provided by the city.

The aerobic exercise was good but the choice of music by the instructor wasn't. The music selections were too old, too few and too tacky. Also, I wasn't too thrilled to be seen in the company of old ladies. Anyway, we quit after a couple of sessions.

The Walking We Do for Exercise

Strictly speaking, what we do is just, well, walk. We don't follow a so-called walking program - at least not yet. The walking can't be termed power walking either because the pace isn't brisk to say the least.

Sometimes I see joggers and runners along the way and I'm tempted to jog. I used to be a runner too, many decades ago. But I restrain myself.

First, I walk with my wife and keep to her pace. Second, I'd like to explore and enjoy the surroundings just like my wife as we walk. And third, I don't feel like sweating while walking on the way home - at least not at this time.

Do I expect to burn calories and shed a few pounds with this routine? Maybe burn a few calories, yes. Losing weight is something that may just come in time. So, no, I'm not tracking either calories or pounds.

Thus far, we're doing it for the sheer pleasures derived from a slow leisurely walk.

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