Toastmasters Sample Speeches

For several days I've been laboring on my Toastmasters website. That explains why I've not updated this blog for quite a while.

Google has finally migrated (converted?) that website from its Pages platfrom ( to the Sites platform ( Migrating all the Pages websites into Sites has been a long process for Google.

I believe the announcement to migrate has been announced years ago. I must admit I had mixed feelings about this migration. When the new platform was announced, I tried it out for a spin for a similar new website.

I quickly learned that Adsense were not allowed and I stopped trying out Sites right there.

That was then. With the migration of my Toastmasters website completed by Google, I learned recently that Adsense ads are now allowed. The Adsense implementation though is not as robust as I was expecting.

Font colors and type cannot be changed, for instance. Maybe this will improve in the future. But I'm simply happy now that Adsense is allowed.

The migration leaves much to be desired too. The display format of Toastmasters speech repository I set up just didn't look right and some links were not working.

Honestly, I was expecting a better migration from Google. After all, these websites were created with their applications. I'll probably write more about my Toastmasters website's migration issues later.

But for now, I've completely redone my Toastmasters website. It is not complete but at least it is now a bit more readable. Here, you'll find all the speeches I've prepared and delivered so far.

If you're a Toastmaster, consider it as a resource of sample speeches you might want to look at for the speech project or manual you're presently working on.

I'm currently out of the Toastmasters circle and not resumed delivering speeches. But I'll definitely be back. There are just some things I'm addressing now that I don't care to discuss.

Also, this temporary hiatus from Toastmasters doesn't mean I won't be updating my Toastmasters website. There are more articles and website features to add that, hopefully, would be of benefit to Toastmasters and improve the site.

So, for sample Toastmasters speeches, basic and advanced, come visit my new Toastmasters Speeches website is at:

If you find some errors or omissions in the new site, I would appreciate if you can contact me so I could rectify them.

Go ahead, post your comment below!

arGlene said...

Google has made addition on Blogger too which I don't like specifically 'auto pagination'. Anyways, thank you Sir BD for informing me of the comment thing on my blog. I've already made changes. I still have yet to revover from the loss of ALL my blog comments.

Thanks talaga. It's nice of you, I wouldn't notice otherwise.

Blackdove said...

No problem Lene. Good thing I still have your old blog url as I had no other way of contacting you.