Funny Treadmill Accident

Without a doubt, this for me is one of the funniest videos ever to be posted on YouTube. It is about a guy who goes about singing and dancing to the tune of a track playing on the background entitled "Turf Talk".

Well, somewhere along the video, the guy decides to jump on the running treadmill and goes into spin cycle TWICE!

I've no idea if this was all staged or fake as some YouTube commentators have alleged, but I'm betting that it wasn't. Go watch it below.

The video is hilarious on so many levels.

  1. Deadly Scissors and Chains

    • The guy argues a bit with his semi-kneeling buddy and insistently grabs what looked like a pair of scissors from him. I suppose he needs some kind of props to do his rap dance. Not... a good... idea... He was just plain lucky in that he didn't accidentally stab himself or his friend as he did his judo (or was that an aikido) roll on the treadmill.

    • It's a good thing he decides to carefully remove a couple of bling bling chains from his neck. He could've choked himself seriously with those. Maybe he already had a premonition of what's to happen next?

  2. Jumping on the Treadmill

    • After a bit of monkey dance, he decides to jump on the treadmill. Now why do people do this? If you look at treadmill accidents 'round youtube, those accidents were mostly folks jumping on a running treadmill. I mean, really!

    • Well, the inevitable happens. The treadmill was apparently running at a fast clip (25mph?). He jumped on the treadmill sideways and managed to take 3 or 4 strides before falling forward. He's lucky he didn't bang his head on the treadmill's controls.

  3. Flying Slippers

    • His butt falls on the tread and the resulting rotational momentum sends his slippers flying through the air - cool! It looked like he was sucked inside a tornado.

      Wearing slippers on a fast treadmill? Notice he even had socks on. What's up with that outfit?

    • Unfortunately, after falling, the guy rested his right arm on the running treadmill and gets sucked in again for a final spin cycle! The second tumble was smoother though, sans the slippers.

  4. Uncontrollable Laughter

    • His spin ends with him on his butt and then he finally gets thrown on the floor. He briefly lies down which was actually a good idea. Miraculously, he avoided banging his head on the wall, floor or treadmill.

    • All through this, his buddy (or was that his dad?) couldn't contain his laughter.

The funniest part of all is the guy nonchalantly resumes his solo performance of dancing to save himself after the treadmill accident. He seemed dizzy and couldn't quite get his bearings though.

His rapping didn't sync with the song too. So he didn't know where he was - in the room or in the song. But still, all is well. Guess I'm not considering buying treadmills just yet and not just because of this funny accident.

I'm sure there are serious treadmill accidents out there as well. For now, I'm sticking to no-frills exercise equipment with a simple basic design like my balance stepper.

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