Christmas Theme - 2010

Well, it's that time of the year again when the tripod comes out and the camera gets mounted on it for a brief pictorial session with the family. This pictorial will be for this year's Christmas tree picture. The practice started in in a simple Christmas Collage in 2005 and eventually became a tradition I call Christmas Past and Present.

My Theme Idea for the Year

For many years, our Christmas themes focused on the outfits we wore for the pictures. We wore plaid shirts in 2009 and so on.

But why limit it to outfits, I thought. And so I had the idea of having a "Tumblers" theme. Each of us had a uniquely colored plastic tumbler used at the dining table. We could be holding the tumblers in the picture.

The Yellow Shirts Theme

DH and the kids noted that 2010 was Noynoy's year, having been elected and inaugurated as President. DH suggested the yellow color. Yellow was the campaign color used by Noynoy. So yellow was it and we wore yellow shirts for this year.

Note that neither DH nor I actually voted for him. For this year's Christmas picture, Renz added a Pluto puppet at the stair handrail post to represent our dog Poochie. You'll see it over Renz's shoulder. I'll be making the Christmas Slideshow after this.

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