Sandra's Birthday 2010

It's that time of the year again when the regular healthy diet gets sidetracked a bit with the kids' birthdays. Last week was Che's birthday and come Dec. 6, it's Renz's turn.

This year, it's Sandra's 14th birthday. We're grateful she has overcome her bout with dengue. Because of her illness and confinement at the hospital, she missed a whole week of school.

After her release from the hospital, she had to catch up on lessons as well as school practice for an event. The first quarter periodical exams proved to be a challenge.

She ranked 18 in her class for the first quarter. She ranked 6 in the last quarter of last school year.

But she sprung back. For the second quarter, she's now back in the top 10 of her class (rank 10, actually). Go Dada!

Here's Renz giving the cake an evil eye again, much like he did with this birthday cake.

We had homecooked spaghetti and Asadong Pata. And for her birthday cake, she chose Red Ribbon's Choco Heaven.

Choco Heaven is similar to the Choco Fudge cake except it has huge slices of dark chocolate on top. Yummy!

Notice these birthday pictures have always been centered around the dining table. We've had a tradition in the new house that when a family member's birthday comes along, we take a picture with him/her in his/her seat. Everybody gathers around the celebrant for the picture.

I no longer use my Slik camera tripod for these pics because I'm too lazy to go get it and set it up. So what I do is to balance the camera on books on top of a couple of dining chairs. I'll be getting a flexible mini tripod soon, so it'll be easier and safer to setup the camera next time - in time for Renz's birthday.

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