Renz Birthday 2010

It's Renz's turn for a birthday celebration and his birthday caps the year's birthday celebrations for the family.

I've already thought of compiling each family member's birthday picture at the dining table and turning them into a birthday slideshow. A tradition of taking pictures around the dinner table just evolved this year, so that'll be fun to watch.

Here's Renz in his seat at the dining table as we pose around him.

Mer-Nel's Chocolate Cake for Birthday

This year's birthday cake for Renz was courtesy of Ate Karen. The cake was from the famous Mernel's Bakeshop (or Mer-Nel's) in UP Los Banos (actually outside of the UP gate). She had the dedication placed on the cake.

Karen missed the "9th" in the dedication, but with the space on the cake, I cutout the number and letters from a blue-colored paper. I glued a couple of toothpicks at the back of the "9th" and stuck these on the cake. Neat, eh?

The dedication includes "Congrats for the First Reading". This is for Renz's special role in his First Holy Communion where he delivered the Holy Mass's First Reading.

Hot Wheels Color Shifters

Renz was looking forward to this day so he could open one of his presents. DH and I got him a couple of Hot Wheels' Color Shifters line of of toy cars: the Shelby Cobra and the Unobtainium. We bought both toy cars at the nearby mall at the Hypermart while grocery shopping.

It took quite a long time before Renz was able to make his final choices that the ice cream we bought for his birthday had started to melt. So we asked him to replace the ice cream AFTER finally choosing the two toy cars.

Below, Renz proudly displays the Shelby Cobra Color Shifter car after unwrapping the gift.

These toy cars are interesting in that they change colors at different temperatures. The Shelby Cobra's default color at ambient temperature is Gray. It turns to Red when submerged in cold water.

Renz kept dunking the car in ice cold water to test it out and calmly reminded him that it is a toy car and not a toy fish. The toy car's gray color come's back by just cupping the car with your warm hand.

Here, Renz beams while showing the Hot Wheels toy car change color.

Ate Che also gave Renz another Hot Wheels Color Shifter (Creature), the SupDogg, which has multi-color change.

Update: Here's the 2010 Birthday Slideshow with everybody's birthday in it.

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