Tips for Buying a Cheap Camera Bag for the Digicam

So after making digicam comparisons and finally buying your digital camera, what now? Well, unless your brand new digital camera comes with a freebie camera bag, it's now time to be hunting for that carrying case that will protect your new point-and-shoot digital camera.

But then again, if you had a free camera bag that came with the digicam like I did, you may STILL want to look even further.

Here are some suggestions that you can do when you go shopping for that camera bag or pouch:

  1. Look Around at What Others Have

    If you have the faintest idea what camera bags are popular, look around at camera shops, or better yet, what others are using (or wearing). Usually, you'd see people bringing cameras for special occasions like birthdays, weddings and even outings.

    Events such as reunions are sure to draw out the cameras from their bags for that photo-op with the old colleagues. I recently attended a couple of reunions and apparently, the ladies bring cameras more than the gents. But it's usually the guys who use camera bags.

  2. Determine the Camera Bag Features You Like

    Try to know as much as you can on what you like. Armed with this information beforehand, you would be better prepared and not waste too much time shopping.

    Your mind would automatically be able filter out the camera bag models and types in your search. Here are some of the basic camera bag features you might want to consider.

  3. Bring Your Digital Camera Often

    Nothing can be quite frustrating if you happen to be in a certain mall or store and find a camera bag that looks perfect, but don't know for sure if your digicam would actually fit in it. It's like buying a pair of shoes for someone.

    You see a nice pair of shoes yet don't know for sure if that pair would properly fit that person's feet. Fit is not only the issue here. Access to the camera is also important. How easily can you remove and put back the camera into the bag? You need to actually FEEL using the camera bag with your camera.

    So bring your digital camera often especially when going to malls or stores. Carry it in one of your pocket and make sure you don't mix anything else in that pocket like keys that may scratch the unit.

  4. Be Wary of Digital Camera Shops When Buying Bags

    Shops in malls selling digital cameras also tend to sell camera bags. Unfortunately, camera bags in these shops are usually overpriced. There are several reasons why.

    One is the availability of named brands in these shops. Another is how store owners think. Clients who buy digital cameras and camera accessories in their store can surely afford their camera bags.

    In other words, the pricing of digital cameras tend to cascade down to the smaller, non-camera related items.

    In my years of blogging with a digicam, I found that the most practical place to buy generic camera bags and items like it are in the tiangges. A tiangge refers to a group of stalls inside a building that sell dry goods which include foodstuff.

    The closest term is "flea market", although upscale crowds prefer "bazaar". These are the shops where you can get dirt cheap items.

    In fact, I bought a cheap camera belt case for my old and now dead Sony digital camera in one of these shops. Don't be afraid to haggle as it's commonplace to do so.

If you're in search of a practical and inexpensive digital camera bag, get a no-name brand or a generic. It could actually be a disadvantage to have named camera brands as they may call attention to the wearer.

As long as it fits right and suits your needs without busting your budget, you'll be happy with the purchase.

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