Homemade Bench Press Rack

Another application of the homemade safety squat racks is their use as barbell racks in bench press exercises. The advantage of using these freestanding racks over the commercial bench press racks is that they're able to accommodate barbells of any length - even EZ-curl bars. You just move them closer or farther from each other to adjust to the barbell length.

Shown below are the safety racks set up for the bench press (close grip) exercise. A wooden bench is positioned in between the bench press racks for the weightlifter to lie on.

The heavy barbell is resting on the bench press rack's catches. This is the start and end position for the Close Grip Bench Press exercise using an EZ-Curl bar.

If the weightlifter is unable to continue the exercise and has no strength to return the barbell to the bench press rack catches, he may simply lower the heavy barbell to the bars.

The barbell bar will rest on the safety bars without risk of injury. Shown below is the bar resting on the safety bars of the exercise racks.

How to Setup the Bench Press Fitness Gear

  1. Since these are freestanding racks, you need to position them precisely on the floor. This is whether to accommodate an EZ-curl bar or a standard bar. Have markers on the floor for easy positioning of the base of the racks.

  2. Position the bench relative to bench press racks. Since none of these fitness gear are physically attached to each other, you need to know where exactly they should be located for the exercise to be smooth and uninterrupted.

  3. Since the bench is just a simple wooden bench, a bit of cushion will make the exercise a bit more comfortable. Put some rubber foam floor tiles that are about 1/2" thick. The rubber foam tiles below are 12" x 12".

  4. Join the tiles together using their interlocking tabs so they don't move around and lay them on the bench.

    Your body weight while lying on the bench will keep the interlocked tiles in place.

Here, I'm performing the close-grip bench press exercise using the assembled bench press rack and bench.

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John Wayne said...

Hey was wondering what materials were used to make the bench press rack/safety bar? Did you do any welding or just use screws and nuts connecting? And how much weight would you say it can support?

Blackdove said...

Hi John Wayne. No welding involved. Just nuts and bolts to attached all parts together. 1/8" inch angle bars are pretty thick. I'm not much of a heavy lifter and I don't think they'd fail on me.