Perils of an 8-Hour Desk Job

Didn't realize that sitting kills.

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usa macho man said...

I work in an office environment and I seated here for 8 hours with a interval of lunch break and coffee break. Sadly I belong to the risky unhealthy people.

19ninety said...

I too sit down for the bast majority of the time. My legs get uncomfortable sometimes so I try to get up and walk about. Something that helped this is starting working out at home (how I found your blosk, I have a pile of stud work in the garage now waiting to be mad into a combo weights bench-squatrack-paralell diprack) I find I drink a lot more water int he day, and so pee a lot more - I dont really have time to but I try to use the toilet on a different floor and and get a quick run up some stairs, same goes for getting a coffee! I fidgit a lot too so I'm always moving my legs and tapping toes, flexing my calves to try and stimulat blood flow. Luckyly I have a corner desk so can strech out my leg and rest them on the wall under the desk, feels real nice to strech your hamstrings :D
Sitting is bad, it doesnt reallt take a genius to work out that when sitting your doing nothing physical and so this is bad for your body.