Early In The Morning Karaoke - Peter, Paul and Mary

Not to be confused with "Early Morning Rain" with the starting line "In the early morning rain", this song, "Early In the Morning", became the B-side of the Peter, Paul and Mary hit, "Lemon Tree".

Early In The Morning by Peter, Paul and Mary Song Trivia

It was released in 1962 under the album "Peter, Paul and Mary." It is one song of the popular trio that took on a spiritual theme with a Hallelujiah-sounding ending.

From Noel Paul Stookey:

"I wrote 'Early In The Morning' in about one hour in my apartment on East fifth. It turned out to be such a great up tempo gospel piece that Peter and I were inspired to "Very Last Day" as a sort of sequel. "

"Though it seldom gets the credit it's due, gospel is responsible for a lot of what has become part of the folk music tradition. As Mary pointed out in her introductions from stage, much of the music of the faith community wound its way through the labor movement of the '30s and '40s and the civil rights of the '50s and '60s. So many times it speaks of an ideal society; a 'heaven' if you a hope for a better, more just life."

Early In The Morning by Peter, Paul and Mary Song Lyrics

Well early in the morning, about the break of day,
I ask the Lord, "Help me find the way!"
Help me find the way to the promised land
This lonely body needs a helping hand
I ask the Lord to help me please find the way.

When the new day's a dawning, I bow my head in prayer.
I pray to the Lord, "Won't you lead me there?"
Won't you guide me safely to the Golden Stair?
Won't you let this body your burden share?
I pray to the Lord, "Won't you lead me please, lead me there?"

When the judgment comes to find the world in shame
When the trumpet blows won't you call my name?
When the thunder rolls and the heavens rain
When the sun turns black, never shine again
When the trumpet blows, won't you call me please, call my name!

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