Seven Daffodils Karaoke - The Brothers Four

This version of "Seven Daffodils" or sometimes "Seven Golden Daffodils" by The Brothers Four, was written by Lee Hays of the influential group The Weavers (formed in 1948) and his sister Fran Mosely.

It is one of the more commercial of Hayes songs, and a lyrical ballad, that some of the folk artists of the period used to perform.

Seven Daffodils Song Trivia

Hays and Mosely copyrighted Seven Daffodils in August 1957 (US Copyright Office, Registration no. RE0000257265). Some have suggested that the song has a traditional origin. The Renegades have this opinion, but it seems more apparent that the song is an original 1950s composition.

The Brothers Four made a cover of "Seven Daffodils" in 1964. It was released under the album "Sing of our Times" for the Columbia Label.

The album is still available from Amazon, with song clips, for those who are interested. Beautiful song, they do a great job, and for those who are into odd bits, or useless miscellaneous, it's tremendously popular in China and Japan.

In 2004, Collectors' Choice Music issued Sing of Our Times/The Honey Wind Blows on a two-on-one compact disc, making each available for the first time in decades.

Other artists that covered "Seven Daffodils" include: Chaos and Co, The Renegades, The Mojos, The Cherokees, Lonnie Donegan and his Group, The Limelighters, Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen, The Blueground Undergrass, The Brandywine Singers, Tom Chapin, Good Medicine, Nobuyoshi Ino, The Lords, Nina & Frederik, Jimmie F. Rodgers, The Seldom Scene, The Shaw Brothers, Alice Stuart, and The Tarriers.

Seven Daffodils Song Lyrics

I may not have mansion, I haven't any land
Not even a paper dollar to crinkle in my hand

But I can show you morning on a thousand hills
And kiss you and give you seven daffodils.

I do not have a fortune to buy you pretty things
But I can weave you moonbeams for necklaces and rings

And I can show you morning on a thousand hills
And kiss you and give you seven daffodils.

Oh, seven golden daffodils all shining in the sun
To light our way to evening when our day is done

And I will give music and a crust of bread
And a pillow of piny boughs to rest your head.

A pillow of piny boughs to rest your head

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