Wanting to Have More Children

Many parents think that having children are both wonderful and challenging. Because of that, many are willing to go through the possible discomforts of pregnancy and pain of labor and delivery again in order to have more kids. This is the same with Katherine and hubby Josh.

The lovely couple, Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigl, are now living in Utah and just recently, they welcomed their now 5-week old Joshua Bishop. They moved to a ranch full time in 2010 and the couple thinks that it’s the best place to be for their family as it’s quiet and has a different way of living. You can just imagine the serenity you get while living there.

The 38-year-old Grey’s Anatomy alumni even added, “Our time is centered around being home and being together … it’s grounded. I think we just appreciate the quietness of this lifestyle. There is just more time for each other.”

Katherine still travels to L.A. for work but she decided she had to make a change so she could stay at home in her leggings and flannel and craft all day if she wants to. It seems that she wants a more laid-back life for her and her loved ones.

Katherine admitted she still wants more children. She’s willing to get pregnant again but at the same time, is also inspired by the thought of adoption. That’s a wonderful plan. Let’s wait and see which route they would take. To Katherine and Josh, congratulations! I think it’s safe to say they have found a serene balance in their life now.

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