Losing Fat by Intermittent Fasting 3 - Weight Loss Goals

(This is the continuation of Part 2)

Today I went over to the kids' room to look for something when I saw a new weighing scale. As it turns out, my eldest bought it and it was the digital kind!

They were complaining about the old weight scale I bought a long time ago. It was the only kind of scale I knew back then. I suppose it has a spring mechanism inside that move the dial behind the see-through display.

The kids say that the old scale was faulty, not consistent, and that the reading kept changing even just after a few minutes. Well, the new one looks really sleek and accurate. So, we'll see.

Here's a photo of the kids' new weighing scale on the floor. Above it is a mirror mounted on the wall.

Weight Loss Goal

When I looked at the scale, it read 82.5. I supposed that meant in kilos. I was just used to reading my weight in pounds and not kilograms. So that's about 182 lbs. And I thought I was around 185. Anyway...

Now that we have a nice (better?) weighing scale, it's probably high time to monitor the progress of this road to recovery by way of significant weight / fat loss through intermittent fasting.

At 182 lbs., this has mostly been the weight I carried when I wasn't trim and fit. Trim and fit for me many years ago was probably 172 to 175 lbs. when I was running. I was just a recreational runner and didn't have a diet of any kind.

If this eating pattern called intermittent fasting works for me, then I think my old weight is achievable. So I'm targeting 170 lbs. In kilos, that will be 77 kgs. That will be my magic number, my goal, my target number to see on the weighing scale.

When do I expect to accomplish this? It's tough to say. For that magic number, I'm guessing and hoping April next year.

Will it be difficult? Maybe. But I'm determined to bring down those cholesterol, triglycerides and uric acid numbers down along with the loss in fat and weight.

It would mean a decrease of 12 pounds or 5 kilos. It does not seem to be a big number, does it? Ah, but then I'm considering it as Phase 1 of my target. For Phase 2, my preferred target would be 150 lbs. or 68 kilos. That's a tougher goal.

Body Image Goal

The mirror I saw in the kids' room gave me an idea to take photos of myself as I intermittent fast. This is to monitor the changes and progress. I was originally thinking of taking weekly photos, but that may be too frequent.

Taking photos when there is a significant drop, like two kilos, would probably be more meaningful. Hopefully, this exercise of documenting progress would be a source of continuing motivation.

So, what'll be my body image goal here?

DH and I are both into gardening. Me going out shirtless once in a while in the garden or maybe outside the front fence would be nice. I'd like to get plenty of sunshine too (Vitamin D!) while I'm at it. Here's a stock image of a shirtless gardener for inspiration.

It would be a long time or near impossible before I can be as buff as that, I know. But I'm willing to take baby steps. First concentrate on cutting and losing the fat and then get back to the weights as I did in the past.

(See Part 4 for the continuation of this article)

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