Recognition and Achievement Awards Display

This is a continuation of the article on mounting medals and trophies for display.

Not all of the items in the display cabinet shelves are medals, ribbons and trophies. There are many other items in your kids' stuff that are bound to add interest and variety to the display.

A portrait for instance, easily identifies the shelf to its owner. Adding these pieces of items will even out and balance the number of items that are showcased among the shelves so none would appear lackluster.

Items Included in the Display Cabinet
  1. Portraits

    All the kids have them. The portrait photos have a standard measurement of 8" by 10". These have been paid for as part of the graduation fee. They're professionally made and come with attractive sleeves or jackets.

    Sadly, they've been stored like books in bookshelves so they were hardly appreciated. So why not pull out these "freebies" from their sleeves and display them?

    The portrait photo automatically identifies whose awards are on the shelf. Of course they need to be updated periodically as the child matures and reaches another milestone.

  2. Action Shot Pictures

    Photos of kids posing with their awards are good. Actions shots where kids showcase their talents, skills, provide an interesting perspective.

    Some schools have photographers that cover recognition, graduation and other specific events like Holy Communion rites. Rummage, you may find them.

    If not, and you have a digital camera where you took a picture of the child, then look at those as well. Crop the picture to take out the non-essentials or distractions in the picture frame. Keep the image tight especially for action shots.

  3. Buttons or Special Pins

    if the child has been actively involved with clubs or organizations that have club buttons, then include them. Ditto for model pupil awards or a button that commemorates an event special to the child.

    Buttons add a 3-dimentional texture on the awards display board. Don't overdo it though. Heavy and bulging keychains tacked on the board may be out of place.

  4. Certificates

    These come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Choose the really nice ones (colorful, unique or special awards) and hang or mount them by the sideboards of the display shelf.

    Due to space limitations, all else, like the regular ones can be piled on the floor of the shelf.

  5. Photo Albums, Souvenir Programs and Books

    Although these supplement and essentially document the achievements, they may be best kept separately due to their size and volume.

Achievers Corner Display Cabinet

Here's the completed awards display cabinet with brief description of highlights on each part of the showcase.
  1. Top Surface of Cabinet

    If there are trophies or plaques that are too tall and would not fit in any of the shelves, then the top of the cabinet is an option. Hopefully, the award doesn't hit the ceiling! Here, several other awards (not belonging to the kids) were positioned on top.

  2. First Shelf

    The combination of colors on the medal ribbons gives this shelf a colorful display. See the photo below. A certificate in a plastic jacket leans on the left sideboard while a certificate without a holder is attached (double-sided tape) to the right.

    A shot of the child playing the piano and diving in a swimming pool gives a clue to the child's interests.

  3. Second Shelf

    In the above photo, he trophy on the left adds glitter to the second shelf. Its green accent complements the green accent of the graduation toga. The awards are supplemented in the display with actions shots.

    Notice how tight the focus is on action shots. Discernible from the images are the swimming strokes: backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke.

  4. Third Shelf

    In the third shelf as shown below, the portrait shows the child in her school uniform which still evokes formality. Other items are two "Model Pupil" button pins that the child received.

    This particular shelf shows posed pictures with the child showing the award with parents. One action shot is self-descriptive with the banner above the child saying "Piano Recital".

  5. Fourth Shelf

    An action shot of the child in the above photo (fourth shelf) shows freestyle swimming. Notice the neat and ordered display of the medals. The multi-colored round ribbon award provides variety to the display.

  6. Bottom Cabinet

    This bottom cabinet with swinging doors is ideal for storing School Yearbooks or Annuals, Graduation books, Commencement programs, Souvenir books, Old School Badges (or ID cards), Old Class Pictures, Swimming Programs, Piano Recital Programs and other keepsakes.

    Notice how the books are stored vertically in the photo above. Be sure to label the spines of the souvenir books so they're easily identifiable. It's difficult when you have 4 kids rummaging all through the souvenir books just to find theirs.

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