Fontana Leisure Park

This journal starts with my High School Reunion Weekend Affair. It was a weekend long celebration that for us, started with an outing/ swimming at the Fontana Water Park. The pic at the left is the the park's wave pool. That's Irene with the kids: Che (yellow goggles), Sandra (blue goggles), Karen (pink goggles) and Renz doing the "peace" sign. I did my swimming here coz it's the only attraction that is deep and wide enough were you could actually swim.

The park has so many attractions like this galleon insipired water playground called "The Admiral". There's Che in the black trunks and blue swimsuit leading Karen and Sandra to the slides. Tita Gay and Renz are probably there somewhere too at the other side of the boat.

And then there's the Water Factory on the left pic with Che and Karen. Renz had a blast turning the steering wheels. You basically turn the wheel to hit the other kids with the water. This park has so many stuff for the kids.

There's the picture of the "Marina" girls and Renz, the Syokoy. I don't know, they just HAD to do this pose pretending to be mermaids. I took so many pictures that I just can't post them all here. When I have time , I'll put them in an online album somewhere.

Finally it's time to go home. Home here will be one of Fontana's very nice villas. Courtesy of one of my Fontana member batchmates, we were able to get a 2-room villa for an overnight stay at half the price! The pic on the left shows one of the entrances to the water park. In all honesty, I couldn't figure what the water park's theme was! They had bull elephants, lions, monkeys, snakes and then there's a "factory", a galleon. Well, I guess it must have been an Adventure theme of some sort. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. We stayed until closing time! Renz was too pooped to even pose for the camera. Poor little guy.

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