Lower Back Sprain Treatment

It's been almost a month now since I've started the rehabilitation therapy for my back sprain (lumbosacral, L4-L5). The therapy I'm undergoing includes the Williams flexion exercises for the lower back.

Most of the exercises are performed in a lying position and are preceded by 20 minutes of warm compress and ultrasound.

These exercises are progressive from one session to another. I assume these were instructed by the rehab doctor to the physical therapists who attended me.

The rehab doctor (Dr. Mancao) was quite thorough in her examination. She had me do some motions and then pressed my back with her fingers which was rather remarkable, to me at least.

It seemed she was looking for soft and hard spots in the muscle of the lower back. I just thought she must have ultra sensitive fingers for her to feel tenderness with the muscles.

Most of the excruciating back pain is now gone thanks to the therapy and some heavy-duty pain relievers. Here is the core set of Williams exercises for low back pain that I performed for my lower back therapy and rehab.

One of my rehab doc's recommendations after the therapy is for me to take up swimming as exercise. With that recommendation, I've been seriously considering taking up swimming on a regular basis. For every opportunity that I can go swimming, I'd go.


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