25 Years Later

The pic at the left shows the back side of the villa where we stayed. The villas at Fontana are nice and our reservation were courtesy of Rency Carlos and Atty. Boyet Andin. At this point, we're about to leave Fontana on the way to the new site of the school (Don Bosco Pampanga) which is just nearby at Mabalacat. Twenty-five years ago, when we graduated, the school was still at Bacolor. After the lahar disaster in 1995, it was finally transferred to Mabalacat.

At the new site, there was lots of food. The pic at the right wast taken inside the gym where we had the activities. The food was mostly Kapampangan dishes. It was good! I remember the burong-nasi though was not as presentable and enticing as what Mommy prepares. I don't know. It was rather grey-colored and was not as tasty. It smelled like buro but it certainly didn't look it (at least not the one I'm familiar with).

The attendance at the reunion was great! There was a lot of picture-taking, chatting (where have you been all these years kind of a chat). We actually started off with the Holy Mass and then proceeded to the gym. In the pic at the left (click image to enlarge), we're actually sitting on the same bleachers that were "rescued" from the lahar debris in Bacolor! Yup, these are the same benches we used when we were still students more than 25 years ago.

The pic at the right (click image to enlarge) was taken at the stage. The guy in the orange shirt was our Drafting teacher (Mr.Liangco); the elderly guy in glasses was our principal (Fr.Carmona); the lady was our Algebra teacher(Miss Zita-Kabigting); the other guy in polo was our Workshop teacher (Mr.DelaRosa); the other guy was our English teacher (Fr.Inocencio). The guy at the extreme right is the present principal (Fr.Joey Paras)

It's been 25 years since we last saw each other. The pic at the left (click image to enlarge) is the entire High School Graduating Class taken in 1979. There were 81 who graduated. Among those, more than half (45) showed up at the reunion with their families. It was such a happy and nostalgic affair.

Until we meet again !

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