Stag Party for Bing

Party was at Lovely May Resort, Pansol, Los Banos. At the left is a collage of pics taken at the place. We started at 6:30pm Friday and ended at 3:30am (at least for me!) of Saturday. I was in the pool roughly 6 hours! The rest of the time was eating, resting, singing, and watching the girls perform. Something I noticed is that it is better to lead with the crown of the head when pushing off from a start or turn. That means really dive the head down. This prevents water from entering the nose. Lightly exhale with the nose when diving the head. Bing's style on turn is to hold to gutter, no flip turns

To do the backstreamline: Outscull, inscull down, parallel palms and then assume the arms behind. This is a graceful and "cool" move. Immediately take a big breath. This gulp of air is for slowly and lightly exhaling air through the nose just before the head drops/ sinks into the water. Breath freely through the mouth when good streamline is achieved.

I felt my backbone aligning straight when doing the breaststroke. I guess this is a good "two-thumbs up" sign for alleviating my scoliosis. With breaststroke, I noticed that with a narrow kick and clashing of feet together makes it faster. A nice drill is the front and back streamline combo in the width of the pool. Start with backstreamline. After touching wall with arms behind, lower arms and kick the wall at the back to do the front streamline.

Comments: "slow"-Mar, "smooth at tahimik"-Tony, "long/ distance"-Bing. Steve was surprised I had swim lessons late in age. Nice to hear that guys, but after I've seen some pics and videos of me swimming, I thought I still looked atrocious. I breath on the right and it appears that I slam down on my right arm when it begins to stroke so that I could raise the head. And the head raising appears too much.

The longer I stayed in the water, the more heightened the tactile sense becomes. Catching and pulling is felt better and becomes efficient. The importance of a balanced stroke is very much emphasized. There is no more "panic" as was felt before where loping was the result. Just focus on rolling/ snapping the hips, press the buoy, breath relaxed, try to look sideways and feel the water with the fingers. Avoid shoulder injury and follow the sequence:
  1. Hip snap first.
  2. Reach further while other arm drops.
  3. Pull.

Pool according to caretaker is 6m x 13m. This is the first time that I used the Arena Sports Towel and it is nice!

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