Weights Day

Weights day today. Went back to deadlift. Revised the sked to Mon to Thurs-Swim and then Fri-Weigths. The old sked with weigths in Wednesday made me too tired the rest of Thurs and Friday. Just found it too hard/ difficult to swim. For stretching at the pool, follow this sequence: Neck, Upper Traps, Tris, Biceps, Torso, Quads, Hams and Hurdle. For every stretch, do 3 long deep breaths and this is almost 10-15 seconds.

Here's my weights set pictured at the left. The entire footprint as it is stored is only a compact 3ft by 4 ft. I built the wooden rack for the plates and dumbbells and the bench for lying exercises like the benches (close grip, normal grip), lying tricep extensions, etc. I also built the metal stands with built-in safety supports. I just love to build stuff with my own hands. Corz I had a power hand to help but that's about the only power tool I used! This weight setup is what I use for a gazillion of exercises, namely squats and bench. But hey, together with deads, these are the biggies. To see how the racks are set for the exercises, click on here. The pics also show details on how I created (yup, they're homemade!) these beauties.

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