Counting Technique for Bilateral

No count: Continued the benefits of the milestone. Warmup laps consisted of only 2 free leftside. Did the rest of the free at the length. For the dolphin kick at starts and turns, I've been toying with the idea of turning IN the toes just so to achieve ankle hyperextension during the downbeat. Might be promising. Although the knees/ shins are slightly apart, the toes are close to one another and so are the insteps of both feet.

Did alternate breathing on the 1 length free. Still having a little trouble with left. Sometimes I feel I'm raising the head too much and then the legs seem to sink. If I don't raise it high enough, I don't get enough air. Maybe the trick is to really twist the head and roll the shoulder more. Also felt that I don't streamline the head when in the middle of the stroke. Streamline head with the body! For bilateral breathing, do the 1-2-3 count. Stroke 1 (breathout), 2 (breathout), 3 (as hand pulls away, say "three-e-e-e" or "free-e-e-e"). Practice this drill on dryland. 1-2-3 counts.

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