BF Clubhouse Brrrrrr...

Cold Swim at the BF Clubhouse at Don Antonio Heights in Fairview: Brrrrrr.... We attended Joel and Marivic's 25th wedding anniversary. Sandra was The Flower Girl and Renz was a partner of somebody in the entourage. Hey, Sandra, that's a lovely gown you're wearing. And me? Well I was given the unenviable role of impromptu video cameraman. See the pool at the left. It was too cold that my swimcap wasn't enough. The only other person who did swim was a Japanese(?) lady. But she too didn't last in the pool inspite of her swimcap. The pool is rather short. The water was clear but it was simply too cold. The kids enjoyed in the kiddie pool. Irene didn't go swimming.

Here's another shot of the pool behind the kids. The pool and its environs is Greek inspired I would think(naks!). It was a fun reception coz the couple and their 2 grownup kids, Vanessa and Marjorie had a wonderful program. They even added a very cute and lively dance routine to the tune of "Build Me Up Buttercup". I'm happy for the couple coz they have two very thoughtful kids. Happy Anniversary Joel and Marivic!

There was a horrendous traffic at SLEX on the way home. Even the Skyway was JAMMED!

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