Merry Christmas Everyone !!!

No Swim today. We attended a Christmas party over at Rey and Evelyn's. As usual, there's the endless chit-chat among relatives and friends. It's mostly slow until a semblance of a program starts. Well, the kids prepared a little dance number to the tune "Mary's Born Child - O My Lord" by Boney M. It's a choreographed dance that the girls learned in school. Anyway, at the party, it was mostly Sandra who led it. Che and Karen kinda just dragged themselves to it. Renz... now THERE's a dancer. He danced his own made-up steps in the entire number! He managed to fall on the floor a couple of times too! (much to the delight of the crowd of course). After a few more chit-chat (and more stuffing) by relatives and friends, the kids and cousins had parlor games. There's a pic at the right of one of the games. Overall it was a fun activity.

We kinda started a tradition of taking a picture we simply call The Christmas Picture. In this picture, the four kids form a pyramid or totem pole formation in front of the Christmas tree. That tree has been there for as long as I can remember. It isn't tall at all. It's around 4 ft and appears tall coz we prop it up on top of a side table. The pic on the left was last year and the one on the right is this year. See how the kids have grown in just a year. Merry Christmas, Irene, Che, Karen, Sandra and Renz! May the coming year bring us more Blessedness, Health, Joy and Prosperity !

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