Briquette-Making Workout

Laps-3: BP at 130/90. Felt sleepy. 5 people at pool. Did some backstroke drills and not much progress. Need to do more. Ditched the dice and instead used the rubberband attached to watch. It worked really well. Just move the band from 1 finger to another as laps add up. Felt a little sleepy today. I suspect it was due to lingering fatigue from the recent weekend where I finished roughly 6 basins of briquettes = 14(2) + 14(2) + 19(2) = 94 briquettes! A record! The pic at the right shows the newly molded briquettes ready for drying.

A digression. Briquette-making is my own personal contribution to environmental awareness. I recycle paper and organic wastes to create fuel briquettes. I've developed my own process and although presently a little labor-intensive, it is so damned cool! I get exercise (biceps, triceps and shoulders), help conserve the environment and save on fuel costs - all at the same time! See these briquettes in action as burning fuel in our stove (the SuperKalan) as show at the left. I didn't "attack" the walls today. It was more long slow gliding towards the end. Need to be aggressive in attacking the walls.

Back to the digression: At the left pic, somethin's -a- cookin' on the SuperKalan by Irene.

At the right pic, chowtime! What better way to enjoy the fruits of your labor than with your loved ones. And hey, we didn't need to go far. This is just in our front yard right under our mango tree which was generous enough to provide us with sweet ripe fruits for dessert!

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