Conjunctivitis & Goggles

Laps-5: Milestone! Reduced rest between laps from 2 mins to 1 min. Felt a little tired, but realized that breathing enough during stroking should enable one to overcome the tiredness factor. Didn't do much back drills. Pool was chlorinated again. Need to do the following:
  1. Wash chamois towel with soap and then vinegar. It's becoming smelly. Using it makes the skin itchy too.
  2. Replace Mane and Tail shampoo.
  3. Retrieve the empty Eye-Mo big bottle and mark it as swim drop bottle. Mix in "algar" (alcohol and vinegar).
  4. Return dice to Che as it's no longer needed.
  5. Put mothball in drawers where goggles and rashguard are stored.

Am currently taking Fucithalmic ointment for a bout of conjuctivitis in the upper lid of my left eye. I don't know where I got it but Dr. Rey Astorga advised that I always wear goggles when swimming. You just don't know what nasties there are in the pool. The ointment is pretty painful (at least for me) when applied. It kinda feels like the eye is being jabbed by a pen! It isn't liquid like eyedrops that are normally applied. Well, thank God for goggles. The pic at the left are my goggle collection of the same model (black, blue and amber). At Php350 each, it's the cheapest Speedo model that fits me best.

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