Broken Gogs

5 laps: No added drills. I was rushing to car coz a few guys were playing basketball near it. Something/ one even hit the left side mirror but no damage done. Bad news: The hook of one eyepiece (where the nose bridge attaches)of my blue goggles broke when I attempted to pull off my goggles by holding the eyepieces. Don't do that! Grrrr... Lesson learned is to NEVER PULL THE EYEPIECES to remove the goggles from the head. Pull on the bands. It's also ok to hold on the eyepieces BUT hold the bands connecting to it as well. The idea is not to stress the weak link which is the hook. Now what to do? Buy a new pair? Anyway, I decided to throw them away but just add them to my repair kit as "spare parts" for the other blue goggles.

Presently I still have 1 black, 1 amber. Maybe I should just buy all ambers or all blues so that repair kit can become more useful. Sure if I could still manage to find this model. This model is cheap at Php349 and fits extremely well for me. Maybe I should visit Cinderella at Megamall to buy. I started to use these since Aug 30, 2004. They didn't even last a year. Since it's summer, maybe I'll just use the black goggles.

Isn't it great that I didn't get a coach? Otherwise, I won't be able to swim at lunch or at any other time I want. I felt some pain at back of the head in the office. Must be tiredness. I timed the 5 laps today (1 min bet lengths) and managed 16 minutes.

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