Jed's Island

Had a super fun time at Jed's Island in Calumpit, Bulacan. It's a resort with several pools for adults and kids. There was one adult pool that was 15 feet deep and had a diving board. I didn't get to try that one though much as I want to try treading coz there were many jumping and diving tarzans. It looked really deep coz the water appeared dark blue.

The ghastly thing about this resort is this funky color scheme of blue, pink and yellow in virtually everything! Even the Bahay Kubo we took as our cottage was colored this way! There's the cottage at the left with Che, Sandra, Renz, Irene (all waving at me like I was some celebrity ) and Mama inside.

Just a week before, the Lunchtime tv noonshow "Eat Bulaga" held a special summer show in this location. The pic at the right was taken on the actual stage used by the tv clowns of the show. The stage was specially decorated for this purpose. This probably explains the newly painted bright colors everywhere.

The kids had a super fun time. There were some slides for the kids. See the three screamers at the left. They were so loud screaming their lungs out EVERYTIME they formed this "Train-Chain" and slid down together.

Even the littlest ones had their portion of the resort. The pic at the right shows the tadpoles pretending to be sharks. Renz got a kick out of congregating with other toddlers. He was particularly bragging about his aqua goggles. Well, they aren't his (they're Irene's) but who among the tadpoles knew?

There's a pic of the four kids posing with their mandatory "peace" sign. It was difficult at first to get all four to pose. Renz was busy showing off to the other tadpoles. To see more pictures click here.

The final shot after packing up and before heading on home. This was taken at the infamous hanging bridge. There's something about this bridge that makes the passersby just want to rock it by jumping and swaying it. It's like they want to dismantle this huge thing or test how strong it is. I don't know what's with these people.

Overall, it was enjoyable and tiring (esp for me driving) as well. The long trip from our house to Bulacan and back was very well worth it.

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