8 Cycles !

5 laps: Interspersed with free style lengths: Dog, Tread, Side, Elem for 2 widths. After each free length, walk (active rest) to midpool to do utility strokes. Call this Combo1. Final was brst and back. Focused on CPL and managed 8 CPL for 2 laps. Of course there is still rest.
  • Dog - Recovery of arms can be inward.
  • Side - Excellent! Riding high, full streamline extension really maximizes the glide.
  • Elem - Don't look back often. This is a slow stroke. Dont' exhale much. Inflate lungs.
  • Brst - Watch out for legs coming out of the surface.
I scratched my inner right forearm in one of the turns. Either do a decent open or learn to flip turn.

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