Utility Strokes and the Table Top

5 laps: Discontinuous. Focused on being slow and decrease CPL. So far managed a few 9's. Was rotating more but the feeling was weird as though fishtailing. Interspersed between laps were the "utility" strokes:
  1. Dog Paddle - Get the fine points for proficiency (to teach?)
  2. Treading - Legs needed for balance and propulsion
  3. Elemback - Discovered you can sight/ navigate without sinking
  4. Sidestroke - Focus on a loooooong glide. Was fast today
  5. Backstroke - Very tiring. Need to practice more. Head wasn't sinking as much. May need to raise legs more as in back streamline. It felt like I was churning water a lot.
I think the back balance table top exercise/ float and movement is a good drill to teach. Try also tuck and extend with this float.

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