Combo3: It's acronyms/ mnemonics time! I need mnemonics for my workouts:
  • S - Sidestroke
  • T - Treading
  • E - Elementary Backstroke
  • P - Dog Paddle
  • B - Breaststroke
  • B - Backdrills

STEPBB or BBSTEP (baby steps?). How about other drills like float? Tabletop aka Maternity float, sculls, etc. Need to fix the family Algar bottle. I've read that Vit C, K and Z (Potassium and Zinc) are great top prevent sore muscles. Timed myself today. One length free was 31 secs from 34 or 35 secs last year. One length elem is 51 secs. There was whitish powder (chlorine?) clumps everywhere. My sinus was a little affected. It still feels weird coz of the fractured molar but I had this filled today by Doc Angie. She said it was a "temporary" permanent filling and may fall/ break off if strong uneven pressur is applied. Nopes, the broken molar had nothing to do with age.

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