New Hard Sequence

New sequence for Hard is Side-Brst-Back
Again, not a lot of traffic today. Was at the pool pretty early even - maybe 7:10am. Pool was still green and it really reeked of chlorine. It was still cool so I donned the swimcap. Workout was regular.
Breaststroke was 43 secs.
It's really better to start with the sidestroke first, then breaststroke and then backstreamline last. so the BBS is now actually SBB. The reason being: Sidestroke is quite taxing and I just need to be fresh to have good technique. The backstream on the other hand doesn't require a lot of technique but can be tiring for the quads. It is also very slow. So by putting it at the last, I can just pause as I get tired and no technique degradation to worry about. Am just glad that I can do these other strokes. I get to hammer other muscles as well and not just those that are called by freestyle.
Prince was there today and was early too.

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