All Free

Did an all freestyle workout today for 10 laps! Guess I was feeling a little stronger today or was it the guilty feelings of having done 2 easy workouts in a row? Anyway, the first 5 laps were slow. I didn't time them coz they WERE slow. Laps 6, 7 and 8 clocked 33, 31 and 33. Again, clocking here isn't Olympic accurate. Heck it isn't even Barangay level accurate.

I realized that to be fast, the pushoff glide cannot be maximized to the hilt (until you're very slow). You just have to go stroking when you feel you can be faster than the glide. Just remember to have a very strong and super streamlined pushoff.

Note to self: Remember to return Karen's amber goggles and pull out one of my remaining 3 Super Marlin models. I think I'll use the blue one so it'll be different from Karen's. Now the blue crappy one I have, I'll just put it in the "spare parts" box for blue goggles. What a waste.

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