Blue Goggles

Easy. The temp of the pool today was surpisingly warm. Come to think of it, it hasn't rained yesterday so maybe that explains it. Anyway, I didn't feel the need for the swimcap. But, you say, how warm is warm? Well, maybe next time I'll bring a thermometer just to get a measurement. It kinda reminds me when I counted the tiles (1 sqft per tile) just to know precisely how long and how wide was the pool. It's 25m by 12.5m.

I decided to use the new blue goggles today and reused the "jungle pouch". Look at the picture at the topright. Isn't the pouch design cool? It's actually a pencil case! Who would have known, huh? The size is just so perfect for my goggles. I really thought it's nice so I bought 2 more of these pouches and stashed them away. That's just me. When I see something really "perfect" for me, like this goggle model I use, I tend to hoard just for backups. Speaking of goggles, since I already have some spare parts of old blue goggles then using this color for training will be more practical. Yup, those are the new blue goggles inside the pouch at the picture.

Today, I used all the lanes. The pool has 5 wide lanes. Actually, I was scouring the pool too for items to pickup. I've already collected Php 11 worth of coins in this pool so a little more own't hurt. Where do they come from? Well from the horseplayers and waterthrashers. You now, those gangs who bring booze, drink and then play (not swim, I'd be surprised if they knew how) in the pool. They'd have these dive-for-coins contests. I guess when they're just too tired or drunk, they leave their coins. And that's where I come in.

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