Water up my Nose

Hard day. This is the second day that I use the new goggles and I must say 'yes, what a difference looking life through rose-colored glasses' oops, blue-colored goggles. The water's still wonderfully warm today. Yup, there's been no rain the whole week so far.

Something that I guess I unlearned all this time is to exhale through the nose while swimming. I say unlearned coz I was conscious about exhaling from both mouth and nose when I was beginning. And recently, I realized that I kept clearing my nose of pool water at each length. I should try to consciously exhale from both mouth and nose next time and try to come up with an easy technique.

As I rewrite some parts of this blog somewhere, I discovered so many things that I've gone through in learning lap swimming. Some of the drills, stretches, techniques have either disappeared or changed in my present routine. In revisiting these old posts, I'd actually like to revive these "obsoleted" ideas! Ah.. the power of journaling.

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