Brain Going Haywire?

Easy: P-E-T. Yesterday, something fantastic happened (to me, anyway). The night before yesterday I was thinking of a software problem that a co-worker posed to me. I said to myself "Self, there has to be a way to do what my co-worker wanted. Maybe tomorrow morning at the swim, I can just add it among those things that ramble in my mind." Unfortunately, I forgot to analyze the problem during the swim. But guess what, and here's where it gets creepy, as I was going to the office after the swim, I started to have some ideas on how to solve the problem! I could suddenly visualize a solution. The ideas were fuzzy but seemed to be workable. I worked on it the whole morning, and yes! Voila! A solution! This proposed solution saved this co-worker's team much effort from restructuring tables, databases, reprogramming and such stuff. Ah yessssss. "Mens Sana In Corpore Sano" does it again.

For the past two days, I've been drinking a tall glass of water aside apart from the coffee and bread. I've heard that old folks stay healthy because of the habit of drinking two glasses of water first thing in the morning upon waking up. Sounds difficult? Well, it is. I'm used to drinking cold water only, but not drinking it first thing in the morning. So I just mix cold and hot (from the airpot). So far it's okay. It may not guarantee me long life, but it will fulfill my water needs before the morning swim.

The pool was so much clearer today that upon jumping in, I just wanted to backfloat and enjoy the water. And not only that, I did my stretches while floating. It isn't so hard. I just need to keep the legs moving/ kicking so they don't sink. I also can't put both my arms forward like on my chest or I'll sink. Well, I truly enjoyed the experience. Talking of stretches, I'm forgetting to do the early morning back stretches that were recommended by my rehab doc. Better get back at them.

I tried to consciously exhale today through the nose. I can't get it to work, coz there's the tendency to get the water further in. This is at the instant that I take the effort to get it out. The end result is I get chlorine water up the sinuses and it hurts. Maybe I'll just settle for the exhale primarily from the mouth habit. It's more relaxed. Well, we'll see with what I can't tweak from this breathing problem...

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