Some Days Suck

Easy: T-E-P. Swimming today sucked on sooo.... many counts.

  1. Nasal Congestion. My allergies hasn't cleared up entirely inspite taking Virlix 3 days in a row. I had to get some meds at the clinic to help clearup my stuffy sinus and chest.

  2. Spidering on the blue goggles. Some things are too good to last. My spanking new blue goggles now has that spidering that my former blue goggles had. I really don't know what's causing this. I've never had this with the amber goggles. Is it the heat? Is it the really cool "jungle" goggle pouch that caused it? Or do BLUE Super Marlin goggles just really get this over time?

  3. Some problemo at the apartment. One of my tenants reported a leak on the cleanout plug of the spetic tank. His garage is sitting on top of the apartment's septic tank and that's why he reported it. I went there before the swim at noon, and yup, it leaked. It's clear liquid but the smell is gross! There's the apartment pic at the right and the tank is underneath the garage at the leftmost end. Ya know, I may not live there but as a landlord who tries to be responsible, I feel for my tenants. I just hope I could get someone to help fix it by tomorrow.

Anything nice to write about? Well, I guess I can confidently say that the 7 cycles per length is now a given. This means I can do 14 strokes per length anytime, at will! The speed may not be something to brag about, but hey, it's a breakthrough for me. During the noon swim today, I realized how much I've saved on sunscreen lotion eversince I swam mornings. But the noon swim today made me see the water in a different light - literally. As I was doing dog paddle, the waves infront of me appeared to be a very smooth sheet of aqua glass that was warping and rolling forward. It may not be something to crow about, but sometimes, you tend to appreciate this small things.

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