Market (Market) Day

Easy - T-E-P: After waiting last Saturday, we learned that the Septic Guy (sorry, for lack of better word) wasn't available again yesterday, Sunday. I was so upset and disappointed that I finally decided to go shopping with the family at Market Market. What can I say, I just needed to release the stress and make the most of the day. Besides, we read on the papers that they had a sale there for the entire weekend. So off we went with Gay, Mama and Beng.

There are so many blogs I see that feature all these fancy, exotic dishes with tongue-twisting names (read: expensive) they've had in all the fancy-dancy restaurants they've been too. The blogs show photos of the food and facade/name of the restaurant and the details of the food as well like they were copied verbatim from the menu! I think they should be paid by these restaurants for free advertising.

Well, I'm not to do that myself, coz there's nothing really fancy in what we had at Market Market which wasn't a fancy place either (take a hint from the name, will ya?). It was just rows and rows of food stalls. Anyway, shown at the left is some of what we had: Inihaw na Hito, Adobong Pusit, some seaweeds (Ar-arosep is what Irene calls them) with bagoong, diced onions, mangoes and tomatoes.

Fried shrimps served in a small kawali which I thought was cute. See the pic at the right. They're simple local dishes but they were sooooooo goooooood !!! I guess food there is really good in the first place coz it was so damned hard to get seats.

Why did I even want to go to Market Market, swimmingwise? Well, I thought I could buy some new trunks, caps and goggles. Well, it turned out I only bought Nautilus swim trunks - both on sale for < Php150 each. Speedo sells these kind of trunks (same material from what I can feel) for Php900+ each !!! What's up with that, Speedo? The caps of the Voit brand weren't discounted much. Besides, I hardly use caps in the pool I go to. I'll post a pic of the trunks when I got time.

I digress too much. I went to the pool today after the Septic guy, Jerry, gave an estimate for the job. In the pool, there was debris (mostly leaves) everywhere. I guess it was a windy day yesterday. I moved lanes between laps and found a Php5 coin. Ha! Another coin-diving session yesterday I suppose. My treasure chest has now Php16.25 worth of coins! I just love it when I spot these sunken treasures!

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