Septic Blues

Hard: Why do I feel that my sidestroke isn't getting the distance that I used to get? Don't I gliiiide enough? Is the kick lacking? Am I too impatient? I practice my sidestroke kick at a pool corner just to be sure I do it right. I just don't know if I actually do it. Coz I feel the top leg doesn't move too much forward. If it does, it breaks much streamline. It's the lower leg that "whips" the kick.

After the morning swim, I proceeded to inspect the work being done on the septic tank. Jerry, his kid Jericho and another guy were at it. Wheewww, needless to say, it was gross. To most of us, the work is really dreadful. You don't know the kind of diseases you could contract by working near, around and inside a filled-up septic tank. I paid Php5,000 for the job which, in total was done in less than a day (broken in 2 days). Well, I think the quality of work was worth it. There's no better guy I think to do the work other than Jerry coz he built it! I took some pictures of the cleaning to study the septic tank's structure just for my reference. But I'd rather not post those pics here. Yup, this is just one of the things a landlord does. It isn't all just waiting and collecting the rent!

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