Some Tips

Easy: It was cold and quite a big downpour yesterday so I didn't swim. I was still aching a little over my stiffneck so that sealed it. I guess the rule of thumb excuses for not swimming are: rain/ thunderstorms, illness or injury. Because of the rain yesterday, the pool water today wasn't as warm and so I wore a swimcap. Those are my present swimcaps on the left. The Voit is a lot more comfortable (and cheaper!) than the Speedo. The Speedo seems tighter.

Tip: To do navigation or sighting on the Elemback, be sure to get a gulp of air first and then hold it - then do your sighting. Otherwise your chest sinks and so does your head. Another tip: when jumping into the pool, be sure to jump with your feet CLEARING the deck. Otherwise you could easily scrape your foot or toes like I did this morning.

Today I did a couple of lengths of dolphins just for warming up. I retrieved a Php1 coin from the pool floor to add to my kitty. Yesterday was a holiday for some people (SONA). Treasure is now at Php17.25.

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