Swimming at Ricardo's

We went to Ricardo's Swimming Pool at Cerhil, infront of St. Scholastica's Academy in Pampanga. There's no work and school for Metro Manila on Monday coz of SONA. The water from the pools was very nice when we came - bright bluish crystal clear! The pic at the left was taken at the kiddie pool. There were a couple of slides here but the kids didn't use them much. The water surface's height was just right for Renz.

The pool at the right is the bigger adult pool. I estimate it to be roughly 8m by 12.5m and the deepest end is 5 ft. The shallow end is maybe 3 ft. My swims here looked fast coz of the smaller size of the pool and its smaller tiles. The tiles just seemed to whiz by! I did my regular strokes. That's Irene at the bottom wearing my Voit swimcap. The pools have this dolphin images at the bottom that appear moving and life-like from above. They're a little unnerving though if you see them underwater especially if you're accustomed to just white tiles and lane lines.

Left is a shot of the kiddie pool from the top landing of the adult slide. See Sandra prancing into her Swan pose ala Synchronized Swimming. That's Renz at the bottom doing his "Fotoman" (a made-up superhero with a Power Ranger character) impersonation. There weren't anybody else who swam except for a few other kids and a rowdy gang. There were lots of people though who were mostly cooking and eating. There was a heavy downpour around noon and we promptly left at 12:30.

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