A Complete Workweek

Deasy-L: Amazing, I just realized that I've completed a whole week of swimming! Okay, make THAT a workweek. But still, I think it's a first. In the past, I was preoccupied with the notion of 3x a week, or alternate days, or a day's rest here and there. But now that I've listed my only 3 possible justification for not swimming, I shouldn't have any other excuse. Heck, I just learned from one of the videos I downloaded that Michael Phelps trains 7 days for the whole year, birthdays and Christmas included - or so he claimed. But I guess he wouldn't be where he's now were it not for the mucho time he spends in the water.

I revived the side stretches today in the pool and it felt goooood. I've not done ththose stretches for a long time and I felt the stretch in my lats. Makes me think how valuable it is after all.

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