More Wood

Easy: Much too tired to do a double. Besides, I got a wound from yesterday's wood chopping/ splitting activities. I didn't want the wound to soak too much. I felt the wound everytime I would stroke with the left. How tired was I? When I slept last night, even DH felt my body twitch everywhere! But it would be definitely the last firewood collecting/ chopping/ splitting weekend for quite some time. It's hard work(out).

The pile at the left and the sack behind it is the chopped wood taken from the park. Some of the branches are a little dry and they could be cut by a little chop and then breaking. The first time we collected the branches there were small black ants and big red fire ants. Ironically it was the black ants whose bites were more painful and itchy. And no, these aren't the black ants of the sugar-bowl variety. These are small but "macho" kick-ass black ants.

This pile is the wood already sawn into firewood size. The branches girth varied from half inch to 3 inches in diameter. I had to wear gloves to prevent blisters while using the metal hacksaw. Sawing the wood, ugh, there's the workout for the right tricep! I was sweating buckets. No sense wearing a shirt for this activity.

The pile on the left is the split wood. Although some of the wood are becoming dry, some were rather fresh judging from the pith which was colored green. That's why they're laid out like this for drying in the sun.

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