Body Pains

Easy: Am still feeling body pains and I've been taking Diclofenac yesterday. I'm kinda regretting the all-out "workout" over the weekend. Today they were chlorinating the pool. By the time I started, only about a fourth of the pool was green. I found it difficult to recover and was breathing rather heavily. It must be the chlorine gas, my fatigue or both. I was outta there before 8am. The water will chlorine-green for a while so I may need to pass on tomorrow's swim. Arrgghhh!!! Noooooooo!!! Well anyway, at least this'll give me time to finish up and rehearse on the script for my first ever training on BrioQuery.

The 3 small leftover bars of soap (yeah, I'm cheap, I only use leftover soap from the house) melted into a goop at the bottom of my soap sealbox. I didn't notice unusual weather yesterday although it did rain cats-and-dogs later in the afternoon. I'm out of eardrops and cologne, so will replenish.

Something interesting I read from Alicat at the USMS forum was a neat trick on visualization:
"Blast from the imagination past: I used to pretend I set off a bomb and swim really fast to the other side to get away. Hey, swimming can get pretty boring after the 10,000 flip turn!"

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