Birds and Cats

Easy: Ahhhhh... Finally a swim after 2 days of "drought". Training went well IMHO except for the lack of some training resources. The delivery of my presentation package was very well received by the attendees.

It was rather gloomy today. As I was doing elem back, I saw several birds flying over the pool in pairs and I thought what if these birds poop on me while I was facing the sky? Come to think of it, I haven't seen bird poop floating on the pool. Or maybe it sinks? Or it dissolves in the pool water fast? Yuck.

As I surfaced from one end of the pool today, I saw a cat sitting at the other end. Don't know where it came from. It wasn't dirty so maybe it wasn't a stray cat. Just found it funny that it was like waiting for something in the water. Like a fish to scoop, maybe? When I got to the other end, it was intently watching me maybe trying to figure out WHAT I was with goggles and all! Ah well, I just left it alone.

My poor old towel was disintegrating beyond all recognition so today I got to use my spanking new blue towel. That's it on the left still sealed in its plastic pouch. The tube at the left is where you roll it up and put in. Imagine, I got this at 40% off from Php775! Hope Arena goes on sale again coz I'm buying more! Maybe to prevent stains, it'll be better to scrub the skin regularly with pumice stone or whatever. It takes time, but it's probly worth it.

Did stationary flipturns today. Don't know, just did them out of the blue and they were good! I much straighter now than any of the turns I did in the past. I only managed 5 though coz I was getting a sinus headache. On my way out, I was given my new ID card for my renewed yearly membership - another year of swimming and freebies.

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