Lost Clip

TEPTE: Bad and Upsetting news today. I bought a TYR noseclip yesterday for Php175 at Royal Sporting Goods at Festival and today lost it in the pool. It slipped out on my FIRST stationary flipturn. I mean, how stupid can that be? It was much cheaper than the Speedo which was at Php299. But still, I should've known better that:
  • Its color (clear) would render it hard to find in the pool. Against a backdrop of white tiles, it's camouflaged.
  • A thing as small as that is surely hard to find, like finding a needle in a haystack. Heck, even a pair of goggles will take time finding in the pool!Although the label sez it floats, I don't think it did.
  • The damned thing slips. A slight tug and it took off. This is the reason I lost it on my turn. I should've put a rubber band to secure it to my head.

Anyway after looking for it in the area where I did a flip turn for 20 minutes, I gave up and just did my workout. No sense spoiling the whole session. I informed pool maintenance (Raymond) about it. I'm not optimistic they'll find it soon but it's a long shot.

My bicep and shoulder muscles are sore today. Don't know why. We had the Unit A's ceiling and roof fixed yesterday (by Mang Bert and Rex) and cooked out for most of the weekend. The chopped wood is serving us quite well! Pic on the left is the cooker sitting on a pedestal which was painted junk. It's height now is much better to relieve the aching back. Clay pot below the stove collects the ash. Tin can at right is for storing the leftover charred fuel which is great for starting fires.

Flames away! Here's the color of the flames I like to get. When wood burns like this, it's hot. Fact I learned why firewood needs to be split. If the round log is stored fresh, the inside pith soon rots. When it does, it becomes a dwelling place for ants and whatever. I saw this when I put in a round log which I though has dried up. Hundreds of ants came out the other end when I put one end into the cooker fire. And they were carrying their belongings (foodstuffs).

Thar she blows! Left pic is a shot of the top end of the chimney. When there's efficient burning the chimney churns out smoke really fast. This happens only if the chimney isn't clogged up with soot. The smoke color may vary from light blue to gray and isn't too noxious.

I'll be emceeing tomorrow's IT HOM presentation with Flor. I'm more relaxed and confident now that my first Brio Training is over. Had to rush preparations for that and had to back out from the keyboards portion of the band practice. I volunteered for the emcee part to help out so let's see how that'll go.

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