New Clip

Easy: Was able to buy a replacement for the lost noseclip. It's the Speedo one and this time it's colored neon orange. Yah, even saleslady asked if I was sure I wanted THAT color. Well, I'm no longer taking ANY chances and lose another damned clip so I bought this one that was easier to spot in a pool. I even put a strap (pink color) to secure it to my face. Fortunately, I saved the parts from old goggles. The strap came Karen's old pink Speedo goggles. Speedos are expensive so might as well save them and milk them dry for whatever they're worth. The color plus the length of the the strap multiplies the clip's visibility should I still lose it.

Though I was excited to do them, I didn't do any successful turns off the wall. I did a complete lap of flipturns without walls. It's just to get the hang of it and keep my body straight. With the clip, it's tough staying relaxed while breathing. But it's so much better than getting a sinus headache after just 2 flipturns. We'll see how it goes. But for now, I just plan on doing flipturns without wall for the FIRST LAP of the daily workout.

The HOM presentation went extremely well. The emceeing that I did today was stupendous... for a first-time ever emcee!!! Though I felt rather stiff (and sounded it too), I warmed up with the audience after the 1st band song. Good thing I had the foresight to ask the booth soundman to raise the volume of my mic. My partner Flor wasn't as lucky. Her mic wasn't as loud. I was able to modulate more and not have to strain my voice. I thought I sounded good! I could've warmed up more but there was a time limit. The secret to it all? Connecting with the audience. Involve the audience. These is the stuff I learned with my kids at the dinner table. Thanx kids!

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