Waterpolo Style?

DEasy: Flipturns are still a mess. I'm still have a headache from this morning's turns. I tried the waterpolo style of freestyle. For me it was basically dog paddle but with the arms out of the water. It was terrible. Water infront was churning wildly. Prince was there. He could only come Wednesdays.

I guess I overate from yesterday's HOM celebration at Blue Corner in Sta.Rosa. We were a group of 23 and ordered 35 sizzling plates! 10 Sisig, 10 Liempo, 10 Pusit and 5 Blue Marlin. Here's a pic of the partial plates in Cholesterol City! That's my left hand in the pic. Goodness, it looked like a Guiness eating contest. I'm still full. Burp!

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